Das Probespiel (AUT 2019)

Leading Role: Cécile Grüebler
Director: Guy Lichtenstein
Production: Film Academy Vienna

Sarah (30) is a gifted cellist. Despite her talent, she still has to play at smaller events.

In one of these unloved appearances at a wedding, she unexpectedly meets Jürgen, her ex-boyfriend – the groom. The two evade each other. Old memories of the once common life come up. Sarah remembers the successful audition in France. How she won the audition and yet didn’t take the cello solo position for the sake of the relationship.
It is still her secret.

Bravely Sarah strokes her bow over the strings and processes the past.
Finally, she can find closure to the story and find herself again, while around her wedding is being celebrated.




Photos © Caroline Bobek